Design concept 設計理念
翠玉白菜 Jadeite Cabbage
設計人:胡焱榮 Soofeen Hu
2019 | 23 x 11.5 x 7.5 cm | 2.055 kg


Influenced by the Jadeite Cabbage, the creator starts the journey of jadeite art creation. There are the fresh-green part and white part of the Jadeite Cabbage, which was a dowry of Consort Jin of the Qing Dynasty. The mixing verdant and white color tones are transformed into the appearance of cabbage, symbolizing the bride's innocence. And the katydids and locusts set on the cabbage contain the blessing of many descendants.
This work is the creator pays his respects to the great artwork of the old times, as well as expressing the ancients start the jadeite art creation. Meanwhile, the creator hopes that he can make this art and culture an inheritance and pass on it to the future generations.