Design concept 設計理念
福從天降A Blessing From Heaven
尺寸:高15.5cm 寬11cm

The orchid, with its upright foliage and fragrant flowers, blooms once a year and is loved by people because it blooms during the Chinese New Year Festival, signifying the auspicious connotation of the New Year and the blossoming of wealth and prosperity.
A rare tri-colored jadeite stone with delicate texture, bright and clean, is carved with delicacy and extremely thin technique, presenting the elegant and graceful beauty of the jade orchid. The five orchid leaves are tinted with emerald, powerful like a long sword pointing to the sky, elegant like a crescent moon, and graceful like a flying ribbon, with delicate and visible veins in the leaves. The winding orchid stems support a yellow and white single flower, swaying in the wind. It is so delicate that even the pistil of the flower can be seen, bright and glittering in the light, with overwhelming beauty. 
The colorful butterflies weave in and out of the flowers and leaves, with only a little connection between the tail wing and the edge of the leaf. The closer look of colorful butterflies weaving among the flowers and leaves is connected only by their tail wings and the edges of the leaves, which fully demonstrates the odd dangerous carving. The name of the work is "Blessing from Heaven" because of the paronomasia between "butterfly" and "blessing" in Chinese.